Cotton Candy

imagine the world how you wish it to be
paint the spaces around you
with the colors of your dreams
how will it differ from reality?
will you turn the sky orange
the leaves purple
the black asphalt pink?
will you have houses made of cotton candy
and cars made of ants driving on
fruit-leather streets?
or will you leave the things the same
and instead make change
in other ways, like curing the sick?
will you halt war and slavery
and feed the hungry?
is the world of your imagining
filled with music and laughter
with poets and musicians and artists?
Is there any need for soldiers
and politicians?
Will doctors and teachers
and librarians still be needed?

when you imagine a perfect world
what is it you see?

Written for Three Word Wednesday.


3 thoughts on ““Change”

  1. “will you have houses made of cotton candy” … This is a nice idea, in theory. But I like rain too much. And it would be miserable to be trapped inside a cotton-candy house when it gets wet. 🙂


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