I long for autumn’s chill
To feel the demise
of another year
and know another will take its place.

I long for the colors of fall
brilliant gold shimmering
in fading light
vibrant crimson tinged
with rust
painting the ground.

I long for those months
in which I must
dig into bottom drawers
for sweaters and thick socks.

I long for mornings
and evenings
curled up beneath tattered quilts
a cup of cocoa between
chilled hands.

My first inspiration from Sunday Whirl’s Wordle 64.


14 thoughts on ““Longing”

  1. While you didn’t get me craving autumn, you certainly evoked fond feeling for it in me. As I am a teacher, summers are so necessary to recharge my classroom battery. LoL Thanks for your participation at The Whirl, Tania. It’s nice to have you writing with us.

  2. With today’s temperature in my desert domain being 110 degrees Fahrenheit, I too long for autumn’s chill–and your poem helped ease the longing in my heart. Thank you. Maybe as I recall your soothing words, I can survive this torrid weather!

    A Brief Whirl

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