Really, US Olympic Committee?

A bunch of obsessed knitters
watching the fruits of your labors
while yarn twists and weaves
and often tangles
somehow belittles the Olympic games
which have been played much longer than
you have existed?

Our efforts to play along
to share in the excitement
and the glory of our nations’ athletes
by engaging in friendly competition
with ourselves
has nothing to do with your
intellectual property.

You don’t own the Olympics;
The Romans made up that word
not you.

That you would seek censure
that you would try to shut down thousands
of avid, rabid fans who do nothing more
than encourage participation
in your sports (like ribbon dancing?)
is appalling.

That you could call our art a denigration
and disrespectful is
a travesty of the ideals you claim to uphold.
What happened to culture and education,
to tolerance and respect,
to world peace and harmony?
I see no culture in your claim.
I feel no respect in your assault.
There is no harmony in your designs
on keeping a word for yourself.

I don’t normally do pieces like this, but I’m incensed over this little drama going on. The US Olympic Committee thinks that a bunch of fiber artists are making a mockery of the games? F–k that s–t.

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