“A Little Touch”

Joe Manganiello

bring on the men
where bare chests and tender souls blend
wearing little more than string to tempt the imagination
hunks leave my head in a fog
I struggle to strike up conversation
while my wanton eyes trace where my fingers refrain
latch on to chiseled forms
invigorating to at least some of my senses

temptation creates a current
straight to my core and spares nothing
leaving me breathless
wishing that just one will be lenient to my longings
will crack a smile that pierces the racket
of raucous women
just one is all it takes to whet my

Oh, I know where you were thinking that was going. This naughty little poem was written with the prompts from Three Word Wednesday, Velvet Verbosity, and Sunday Whirl in mind.

Here’s an extra image. Yum.

Magic Mike


11 thoughts on ““A Little Touch”

  1. I arrived here from Three Word Wednesday…but thought I recognized some Sunday Whirl in there! …that is…when I wasn’t distracted by the, um, you know… what was I saying, again? πŸ˜‰

  2. To quote a rather risquΓ© (for its time) movie… ‘I don’t like men with too many muscles’, but I did like the wicked grin I wore whilst reading your piece *wink*

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