opaline shimmer across
moonlit skin
the thrum of tribal beats
enticing her to movement

catastrophic wonder
draws onlookers to observe
calamity’s grace and power

sinuous steps
her arms arch above
a scorpion’s tail
poised to poison

in Burma this dance is
in Spain, passion;
in America
it’s hidden in back rooms

carmine lips smile
tasting of cherries and
stale cigarettes
and wine

she moves (doesn’t she?)
casting a spell – an incantation of motion
derived of soul; eliciting heart
elevating, fabricating, erecting.

opaline skin, tribal movement
catastrophic power
sinuous poison steps
dance is hidden seduction
lips taste of cherry wine
an incantation for erection

A second offering to the prompt over at Reverie Twenty-One, this one using the form he suggested.

first poemlet: mention your birthstone
second poemlet: use a word with three or more syllables
third poemlet: mention your zodiac sign
fourth poemlet: use at least three capital letters (“I” on its own, and the beginnings of lines, do not count)
fifth poemlet: pick a color and use at least two synonyms/varieties/shades of it
sixth poemlet: use as many different kinds of punctuation mark as you can
seventh poemlet: surprise us with something fancy!


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