“Brilliant Madness”

I am not perfect. I am not prefabricated.
I am not a facsimile.
I am not
carbon copied,
devoid of deviation.
I am deviant.
I am composed of impulse.
I am magic incarnate.
Imperfect energy
which explodes in passionate
I am alien ideas
and contrary thoughts.
Incongruous moods hurling
lingual spears.
I am the deafening
and the imperfect silence
of night.
I am corrupt.
I am capable of brilliant madness.
I crumble articulately.
I astound
and offend, and scandalize
just as much
as I delight, and impress
and arouse.

I often find myself inspired by someone else’s writing. This time it came in an incredible rush from 8 simple words from Ivy League Insecurities’ take on Monday’s Trifecta prompt “Wild”. Those words form the first line of this work, and it all tumbled out from there.

Also linked to Poets United’s Poetry Pantry #100.


4 thoughts on ““Brilliant Madness”

  1. This is perfect. Every word is my absolute favorite. You sound like a delight. I don’t know how anyone can stand living life without someone like you in it.

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