Butterfly Haiku

wet wings unfolded
vulnerable beauty, she
dangles precarious

flutter and flit, a
jaguar dances in morning
light, coherent dawn

incense mimics love
pheromones leave seduction
behind, not true love

Written with the words from Rosemary Mint’s Monday Melting this week, which encourages us to use words related to butterflies.


2 thoughts on “Butterfly Haiku

  1. I love the first one, especially “she” followed by a nice comma-pause dangling at the end of that second line about to tumble over into the unknown.

    I’ve yet to see a coherent dawn. 😉

    “incense mimics love” … This is my very favorite line. So true! It’s all smoke, scent, and illusion; you can’t quite grasp it, contain it, or control it. The only thing you know for sure is that it will float away; but until it does, it sure smells good.

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