“Secret Colors”

there are colors we know
the almost indigo of  crocuses heralding the spring
or deepest ebony, the hue of grief
perhaps vibrant crimson, the flowers of a bride’s bouquet

but there are colors we don’t know
secret colors
seen only by those who accept the wonder in the world

there is the seductive color of a woman’s swaying hips
drawing men to her presence
there is the blush of dawn, it’s stillness and joy
painted in the morning’s sky

these colors are not seen with the eyes
but with the soul
windows into a massive world of magic and spectacle


Hadn’t intended on this being included for Velvet Verbosity’s Prompt from E.B. White, but it it the right word count and fit so well.  I wrote it using most of the words from The Sunday Whirl’s prompt Wordle 57 – A Baker’s Dozen.


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