“Magic in Us”

I was perusing YouTube today, and came across an original song by Ally Rhodes. One of the lyrics struck me, and I’m leaving it here, because it has inspired me.

things are a little more real than i think you see them
open your eyes and pull the magic inside
i am magic, love
you are magic, love
we are magic in the name of us

do you feel the magic in us?
do you know the spark?
do you know that every time we touch,
every time we speak,
every smile, every word
illuminates the darkest corners of my heart?

there is magic in me.
you feel it in my touch
you taste it in my kiss
in the soft glow of my smile
in the heat of my skin
you know it

there is magic in you.
I hear it with every word
I feel it with every caress
in the passion in your eyes
in the trembling of your hands
I know it

there is magic in us.
together, or apart
there is a bond stronger than love
stronger than life, or breath
or the beating of one heart


Magic In Us is linked to dVerse’s Open Link Night – Week 43.


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