“First Love”

tears fall
every time i think of you.

years have come and gone
loves have come and gone
but there remains an empty hole in my heart

you were not dangerous
not sinister
nothing i ever wanted.

and yet you were everything.

the happiest times of my years were spent
laughing with you.
watching you create art with your two hands.

to you i owe my love of art.
my desire to create comes from you.
from your memory.

they were afraid to tell me what happened.
they sat me down
and i thought it was a joke.

it was no laughing matter.

worst of all
i couldn’t come to you
and i wanted to.
more than anything i tried to find you.

only years and years later did i find your grave.
i sat and wept in the cold snow.

love remains.
my handsome, charming prince.
you remain in me.


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