Reviving Lost Dreams

here in the desert lies a ring of ancient stones.
here, where the sphinx shades the searing sand by day,
and blocks out the moonlight when the sun has fallen to the depths of the world
here is where we gather.

each of us a goddess, a priestess, a woman
our flesh tanned from long days walking in search of this place
some pink from the hint of sunburn while others revel in their darkness.

upon each shoulder the eye
the symbol of our rebirth into secrets of a time long forgotten
the promise that those ways will not be lost

each night we draw closer, seeking the solstice
the night of longest night, when the shadows cover the earth
and practicioners of bygone rites turn their gazes to the horizon
seeking the return of the light.

here, within this ring of worn stones, the words upon them faint
from windblown sand and monsoon rains,
here we will sing to the gods of our people, to seek them out in hope
that not all is lost to time.

each body a beacon of beauty, of love, of faith
swathed in white linen for purity, for devotion, the radiance of woman
each woman a follower of her own religion.

moonrise of the longest night
the solstice comes upon us all, and we are ready with voices strong and proud
singing to those come before us, singing to those who shall follow.

we sing because we must, because without us the ways will die
we sing because our sisters need to hear our voices ringing
without our faith, our light, our love, the world will suffer
for those ways of the ancestors will be lost without us

all night we shall sing, revelry and devoted fervor carrying through the desert
lifted voices, laughter and tears echoing upon the winds
beneath the shade of the great sphinx we shall dance and sing
until the first faint rays of the returning sun reveal his majestic mein

with the return of the sun all know, all feel
we did not let them die, we have reclaimed the rites of old
the knowledge of times past lives on because we women traveled here

with the first warm rays that touch our flesh we lift our hands
in supplication to those whose names we have uttered in the uncertainty of the night
giving thanks to the many, the ones, the all

in thanks we turn to one another in heartfelt embrace
sisters and mothers, friends, even lovers both in sprit and in flesh
we will return now, making our passage across these great sands
each step completing the unbroken circle


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