Tarot Series: The Hermit

in a world of his own high atop a mountain
the hermit seeks understanding in the words
and worlds of his elders
unaware that they watch him even here

from this peak he can watch as he reads
searching for clues to some hidden understanding
reveling and relishing the solitude
alone, but not lonely

in their words he will find guidance
a new direction, illumination of his thoughts
in seclusion he will gain understanding
and then move on


2 thoughts on “Tarot Series: The Hermit

  1. Hey, I hope this journal isn’t friends-only. Came over here from the Weekly Writing group. Liked the mood in your poetry so thought I’ll come here and look around. Hope you don’t mind. Good job, btw!

    PS. Congrats on being published too!
    PPS. Like the whole idea of this Tarot series; I’m a sucker for themes! 🙂

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