“too many mirrors in the dark” (For Kim)

“too many mirrors in the dark” she says, her voice so haunting as it ripples away from each thrown pebble.

those ripples tease my fur, make me lift my head and taste the air for the sound of her weariness, for the tang of her fear. i will stalk it, hunt it, and make the fear know fear.

with a soft chuff i would allay your troubled soul, curl you within and shield you from those ghosts. with one roar they would flee before me. with the baring of my fangs they shall cower.

let my eyes be your candle. my golden eyes reflected manifold in the mirrors of your memories revealing the beauty and wonder in your life, and keeping the shadows at bay.


4 thoughts on ““too many mirrors in the dark” (For Kim)

  1. And when I lift my eyes, I will see you there.

    You remind me of everything as I whisper your name, letting my fingers curl through your hair.

    How long have you been there, my sweet? How long have you been here.

    Perhaps you will tell me for but a moment, and I will tell you for but eternity.

    These cold fingers will thaw against you, so then I can draw your smile from those teeth as I curl against you in the afternoon shade.

    Here, there is nothing to fear you say.

    And here, I know you are right.

    So let us find your heated savannahs, where we can both run in the tall grass.

    We don’t have to pretend in the dark anymore.

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