Lost Dreams

I asked my friends to give me subjects and five words unrelated to them. A few challenged me. This is the third in this group. For

Subject: Desert


beneath a luminous moon
gleaming bright against the khol-black sky
she stands

palms raised in supplication
words of a tongue long lost to mankind
a tribute to gods thought forgotten
spilling from her lips

the sands shift beneath the feet of followers
in the lee of the spinx
contemplating his riddle

moonrise brings a chorus of voices
each one a priestess in white linen
marked with the eye
a tattoo of devotion upon olive skin

somewhere in the course of time
these things were lost
we bring them back in our memories


9 thoughts on “Lost Dreams

  1. You’re making me reach for your thread, sweetheart.

    I’m being tempted everywhere I go.

    But this, this resonates. And I’m so tempted to ask for the story of it because you leave so much unspoken, which has me dying for more.

  2. *tempts your muse with chocolates and other good things*

    *gives big eyes just for good measure*

    It can be like a prose poetry kind of thing. Or a poem with longer lines. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Chocolate? Promise? *grins*

    I’ll see what comes when I start to work on it. I’ll consider it a challenge. I’ve always liked challenges.

    As for what I want? A story. A story within that story. You, and me, and a rainbow.

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