Another one written from another challenge.

Subject: Tigers in the Jungle of India


1. Rock Salt
2. Candy Canes
3. Tomato Paste
4. Penicillin
5. Pewter

eyes glint like pewter caught in a shaft of sun
the creature hides amongst the blades of a fern

the men work nearby never seeing the great hunter
killer of men, the true king of cats

stalking, watching, ebon stripes giving camoflage
against lush fur the color of watered-down tomato paste

palm fronds like candy canes unfurling in morning’s light
stir and sway as the giant moves closer to the camp

they hear the scream and come with guns drawn
leaving the cages that hold the unconscious cubs

all that is left is spilled rock salt stained with blood
the last of the supplies the victim carried

the poachers, fearful now of the striped death
open the cages and flee with their lives


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