winter magick

children wait in their beds
anxious as they struggle to find sleep
before He comes to give
love and life and cheer

‘He won’t come if you’re awake’ they say
and so you can find them
eyes squeezed shut
hidden beneath warm and rumpled blankets
whispering excitedly

outside the ground is blanketed in white
the soft music of winter
of icicles chiming, branches creaking
in their winter slumber

the trees wait too
standing fast in almighty glory
deeply rooted as they endure this darksome night

winter magick brings many things

He is Santa Claus
or Father Christmas
He is the Oak King and Saint Nicholas
He is the return of the sun
of deepening light to warm the cold earth

the man in red brings warmth to all things
to anxious children’s hearts
to the cold and quiet earth

spreading warmth
and joy
and love to all
beneath a starlit sky


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